First (real) Blog Post

Hello Everyone! My Names is Liz and I Quickly want to introduce myself. I am twenty one years old and I attend Mercyhurst University for Dance and Communications. I am involved in a Social Media class and that is why I have started this blog. Although it is a class assignment I plan to blog as much as possible. The topic I choose was rather simple. I am blogging about my life as a dance major and how my last year at Mercyhurst is preparing me to go out in the world. I plan to blog about my classes, television shows and how my teaching job is going. I also will blog about any performances I go see or hear about to embrace the Arts as much as possible. Not to mention I will blog about my performances and how learning choreography can be difficult at times. Balance is key for any major but dance in particular has a crazy schedule. Over the next few months I am looking forward to embracing my two majors and combing the two as much as possible! stay tune for my upcoming post!


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