Although I am pursuing a dance degree does not mean that we do not have to go through the same process of everyone else. Interviewing is a big process in the dance industry as well. Here are some things to think about no matter what interview you are doing!

Focus on the  “P’s”

  • Perception- Image
  • Preparation
    • How are you going to be perceived?
    • Certain traditions in the ballet world
      • Conservative
        • Hair back out of your face- French twist even for an interview
        • Minimal but some make-up
        • Look professional
        • Stud earrings or pearls
        • Remove other piercing
        • Take in to account the organization
        • No nail polish
        • Hide tattoos
        • Clothing
          • Dark blue or grey suit or skirt
            • To the knee or just below the knee
          • Ivory shirt or blouse
          • Sheer stockings
          • Closed toe heals- one- 1.5 inch
        • Professionalism
        • Positive


  • Arrive 15 minutes’ prior
  • When you get their go to the bathroom and check your appearance
  • You want to be polite and ALWAYS be POSITIVE
  • Be nice and charming to the receptionist
  • Interviews happen sometimes at lunch
    • Order something mineable
    • A salad is a good choice
    • Leave your purse and phone in the car
    • Don’t even bring it in
    • Bring your resume and a small portfolio
    • Go well prepared
    • Sit straight in your chair
  • Manors – be polite- please and thank you
  • Memorize some of that information
  • Feel confident in your work ethic etc.
  • Degrees, concentrations, study abroad, strength and commitment
  • Action words
  • Yes, answers more than no answers
  • You get their business card
    • Send a thank you note
  • You want to be prepared with two or three intelligent questions
  • You can always bring things back to what they said
  • Talk about them
    • Everyone likes to be validated
  • You want something to discuss in to the beginning and end
    • Hand shake and your name
    • And connect something; article I read etc.
    • As you leave; if I have questions may I call? That would be great, can I have your business card. When can I expect to hear from you? I would really like to work here and be a part of your team, thank you for seeing me today.
  • Be good, be brief, be gone
  • Take out like in your vocabulary
  • After the email wait 36 – 48 hours,
    • Then send a letter, typed and professional
    • Do both, an email and snail mail?
      • Do not send hallmark card!
    • Express interest in the position again
    • Sign legit able
    • Take a photo of your signature to put in emails
  • If you have the opportunity for second interview
    • Talk about days off
    • Salary


  • Put all of your information in a large envelope
    • Promotional package
    • With your name on it
    • White or black folder
  • This is huge!!!
    • If you dislike or do not get along with them, you keep your work as priority
      • Do not make this known
    • Do not burn bridges
    • Social media needs to be clean
      • Employers look at


  • Powered by YOU
  • Career development
  • Possible will help send information


Hope this help! What are some of you interviewing tips!


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