As we all enter in the “real” world we have to think about insurance. Sadly this is one of our biggest concerns as a dancer since if we are injured we are out of a job. Here are somethings to consider throughout job searching and while you have a job. You never can be to careful.

  • Unemployment
    • Employee = employer withholds taxes
      • If you were injured on the job then compensation would be made
    • Contract service = you withhold taxes
      • 1099 form
      • If you make over 600 dollars a year from the organization, then you must pay taxes
    • Keep all tax recites
      • Make up
      • Hair products
      • Mileage
      • Uniform (leotard and tights)
    • To receive your unemployment you must show that you are looking for work
  • Health
    • Self-pay
    • HMO
      • Can only use doctors in that class, if you move out of the state it does not work
    • Major Medical
      • Anything anywhere but also has a deductible
    • Managed care
    • Medicaid
    • Workmen’s compensation
      • Has to be injured on the job
    • Supplemental coverage
  • Health Care
    • Use recommendations
    • Play the game
    • Artists are special – use it
    • Be prepared
      • Ask about fee- offer to pay off slowly




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