An Evening with Chita Rivera- review

On September 16, I was lucky enough to spend my evening watching the amazingly talented Chita Rivera. For those of you who do not know Rivera’s background, Chita was an img_2676extremely talented woman both
on and off the stage. She performed in West Side Story, Bye Bye Birdie, and of course Chicago. Besides these shows she also had multiple other debuts on and off Broadway as well as on screen. Chita is an amazing Broadway star and still has ever bit of sparkle even in her eighties.


During the show Chita sang multiple songs from all the different shows she had been in as well as speaking about her day to day life. Some of the songs included America from West Side Story and my favorite of the night was All That Jazz from Chicago.

img_2677No matter what I cannot believe how humble and level headed this woman is still today. After all of her successes she still takes the time to come to a smaller town to perform at a local college and is truly blessed by the experience. I was lucky enough to be at Mercyhurst last time Chita Rivera had come in 2013. However, being a freshman in college I did not fully take the experience in as much as I had wished afterwards. During this though Chita did not sing and only discussed her life experiences. Personally since I am a dance major, having the chance to see Chita in actions is truly a once and a life time experience that I will never take for granted.


This performance was extremely inspirational for me since this is my field of choice. Having the opportunity dance on a Broadway stage would be one of the highlights of my career.  For a dancer it is sometimes difficult to always have the drive to pursue this career but this show definitely inspired me to continue pursuing. We must find ways in our lives to constantly be inspired in our craft and this was truly a once and a life time experience. I would watch her performance again in a heartbeat.



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