Auditioning Tips!

As a Senior Dance Major at Mercyhurst University, every class is set up for us to succeed in life just like every other major. However, our syllabi’s varies differently than other majors since we have technique classes as well as academic classes in our degree program.

Overall each class has assisted with my growth as a dancer but more importantly has prepared me for this year. This is the year that determines the rest of my life. We are officially adults, trying to find any job out of college is difficult however finding a performance job is even harder.


Some tips for auditioning that I have learned recently include the following:

  1. Do your researcher prior to the audition.
  2. Make sure to dress appropriately depending on the audition. If you are attending ballet audition you will want to wear a leotard and tights that show of your lines well. However, for a modern audition you may want to wear black tights rather than pink. Musical theater auditions are base to base audition but no matter what you want to go full in with red lips and hair done no matter what.
  3. If you are not always sure on the perfect color you can never go wrong with basic black.
  4. Make sure to bring all your dance shoes no matter what the audition is for!
  5. Commercial auditions are using all day rather than a few hours. Because of this make sure to bring snacks and plenty of water. You never know how long a call back might take and you always want to be prepared.
  6. Make sure that your head shot is clearly define. Most commercial auditions most likely will want your head shot rather than a dance shot. However, it is not a bad idea to have more than one. This way you can decide that day what is most beneficial. Besides this it is also a good idea to have multiple just in case there is more than one director. This way then can both look at your résumé rather than having to share.
  7. Always arrive on time… which means early! Do not show up to an audition five minutes prior and run in and disrupting the flow. Being early also means that you can find a good spot in the room. You do not want to take anyone’s spot if you are in company class but you also do not want to be behind the piano and hidden.
  8. Lastly take each experience as a learning experience. you will not receive every job and that is okay. Learning how to audition takes practice. Attending more auditions will help you learn how to control the adrenaline and use it to your advantage.








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