Most Memorable Year- Dancing With the Stars

Tonight’s episode of Dancing With the Stars was one of my favorite episodes of the season. It was most memorable year and let me know that by the end of the night each judge was in tears at least once.

I want to recap the show from the start, when Maureen McCormick and Artem Chigvintsev opened the show with an amazing first dance. All of the judges saw how far Mareen McCormick has come and I couldn’t agree more. This dance was dedicated to her husband for pretty much saving her from a bad crowd when they first met. This dance had love and passion in it and was truly inspirational.  Although this star was not one of my favorites entering the season she has gain followers now!


Next was another high light of the show was Calvin Johnson Jr. when he shared his inspirational story.  In the past most pro football players are not typically graceful in the ballroom however, America saw another side of Calvin Johnson Tonight when he performed a jazz dance with his partner Lindsay Arnold. This dance was remarkable and really made Calvin jump the next step in his performance.


All in a row Jana Kramer is next on the list. Jana Kramer dug very deep and told America about her abusive relationship ship about ten years ago. As she stated she was still dealing with this issue until her baby girl was born this year. Sometime is life you need something very drastic or life changing to change your point of view. For Jana her child gave a piece back to her that she thought she had lost. The piece performed by Kramer and Gleb Savchenko was absolutely phenomenal and a must watch.


Moving on through the night James Hinchcliffe again is winning America and one of the top scores this week. As we learned tonight Hinchcliffe is even luckier than we knew suffering a crash that almost killed him under two years ago. Knowing where he has come from since that moment is truly unbelievable.


Overall each story told this night is inspirational or is helping other people with their stories. As Jana Kramer stated that even if she helps one individual with her story tonight it was worth it. This is what Dancing with The Stars is all about!




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