Preparing for Auditions

Being a Senior dance major means that Audition season is just a few months away. Besides keeping in shape and focusing on my technique more than I ever there is a business aspect that we also have to take in to consideration. During my Senior Pro Seminar class we discussed how to make our resumes, cover letters and our biography.

First off even though this is a ballet based program I plan to audition for Musical theater/ broadway shows rather than pursuing a ballet company that most of my friends are planning to do. Since I am going this route I set my resume up with five categories. First is Experience which is split up in three categories, Jazz works, Classical works and Contemporary works. Then I discuss my education and training listing the teachers that I have trained with for each discipline. Following that is workshops/ Master classes/ residents.

Most importantly you need to be prepared and do your homework prior to attending the audition. Know what people are going to wear so you can fit in. Prime example is for the Radio City Rockettes I would show up in a leotard tan tights and character shoes, with my hair in a french twist and red lip stick. Rather than a broadway audition i would wear what ever style i would be dancing in.

Beware of your environment, Where do you stand in the room? Make sure you have a spot that you have enough room to dance, as well as making sure to still be noticed.

Auditions can be pricey make sure to look at these places that you will get in to. Line up more auditions in that area.

Here are some more tips entering in Audition Season!

Primarily dance auditions:

  • Ballet
    • Does not need to be black and pink
    • vibrant dance outfit
  • Modern
    • Make sure you are scene
    • Don’t cover everything
  • Musical Theatre
    • Take all of shoes
    • Go the full 9 yards


Most importantly they want to like you!!

  • They want you to be the one. Their job is then done!
  • Most of the time people are supported
  • Be on time!
    • Aka be early
    • Warm up prior
    • Do not be an hour early but if something went wrong you still have time
      • Plan for murphy’s law
        • If something can go wrong it will go wrong
      • You want to be polite
      • treat everyone with respect
      • Chat with the receptionist – anyone can influence the job


Approach each audition as a learning experience

  • Why did they like this person
  • Why didn’t they like that person
  • What was your strengths
  • Weaknesses?
  • Each class is a performance
    • Practice performing
    • Each class is an audition
  • Don’t hide behind people
  • If you can’t see them they can’t see you
  • If you mess up go around and go again
  • Ask questions if you have questions but be careful not to ask things they have said
  • Don’t go off and do your own thing


Concentrate ; focus ; and maintain composure

  • Fear can be exciting
    • Adrenaline starts pumping
    • Don’t let it take over
  • Loser visualize the reward of success
  • Do not look like you are injury prone
    • Don’t not look like you have a critical injury.
  • Luxury of being injured does not occur in the professional world
  • Watch the quality of movements
    • Style
    • Movement
    • What are the other dancers doing?
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Implement all corrections
  • They are assessing you – how you respond all of the time
  • You are still being watched when you are on the sides
  • Stay on the side and practice


If you are at a commercial audition you may end up being looked at multiple times

  • Take enough food
  • Water
  • Warm ups
  • Possible consider a vocal coach


Speak clearly and confidently

  • Thank everyone that you come in contact with
  • Establish yourself as a good person to work with
  • Always have photo, resume in hand
    • Have a few with you
    • Sometimes multiple directors


Audition outfit

  • Has the best line
  • Long lines
  • Colors that are flattering
  • Hair that works
  • Earrings that help
  • Photographs of auditions


Keep track on your computer

  • Wear the same thing for call backs! That is how they remember you


Interviews may be the deciding factor

  • If they pull you a side
    • Know your strengths for your cover letter
    • Be comfortable with talking about your self
    • Better these situations go
    • Be persistent and follow up
    • Do not pess
  • Sent a thank you note with in 24 hours
  • Then possible a week later you call again
  • They give you deadlines
  • Contracts will need to have specific information
  • Stay in shape!!! – it now will cost money


Do not take rejection as a failure

  • You are the product of what you are selling
  • What you look like
  • How you act
  • What your photos look like

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