Audition DVD

Being a senior dance major, Audition DVD’s is one of the most important and beneficial way to receive a job. Having a good reel is extremely important for multiple reasons. One dance is a very visual business, seeing how you dance is the number one priority for any company, especially because pictures do not always represent you as a dancer. DVD’s can save you money! Sending out a link is a lot easier than traveling all over the US for auditions.

Making sure your video is the best it can be is also important. So spend some extra time and resources if you have any. This is where you want to put that extra cash! Do not make your video any longer than five minutes’ long, and make sure to put your best work in the first minute. You want to them to continue watching and showing your best stuff first will show them what you can do with out having to watch all five minutes. Besides this make sure to give credit to the choreographers. You do not want to be sued for not giving credit where credit is due.


Besides having a performing reel you may want to have a teaching or choreography reel. If so here are somethings to consider!

  • 10-20 minutes
  • Choreography
    • Excerpts only
    • Copy right text
    • Include documentation of title, music, length, # of and gender of dancers, style or feeling, costume requirements
  • Teaching
    • Film you and the students. It’s about YOU!!
      • Setting material
      • Working with accompanist
      • Giving direction/corrections to students
    • Additional Tips
      • Pick a simple background.
        • Studio is fine- minimal distractions
      • Wear colors that will pop
        • Do not wear black or white!
      • Make sure there is adequate light
      • If content requirements are not specified, follow them! If not, focus on your strong points.
      • Include and introduction; “Hello, my name is etc.”
      • For a professional look, have a professional add titles.
        • Title left hand corner
      • Label DVD/JEWEL CASE with:
        • Your name, address, phone, email

Hope this helps you get your reel all ready! As soon as mine is done I will post a link on here.


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