Recap of Latin Night on DWTS

Last Monday October 17th on Dancing with the Stars was Latin night! This is also one of my favorite weeks throughout the season since we really start to see improvement in the stars. To recap the best parts of last night prior to going in to the episode tomorrow I want to start off with my favorite as well as the judge’s favorite of the night Jana Kramer. She received a perfect score after her performance. I do think that they could have manage to do the dance without the beginning bed scene but for the purpose of what they were portraying it will go down in history in DWTS.

Besides Jana performance for the third week running James Hinchcliffe is still one of the main competitors. As Julianne Hough stated that he is one or the best man star that has ever been on the show. Although he did not receive a perfect score he was just shy because they know how much potential he has. Over the years watching the show I do agree that most men stars have a harder time getting in to the full movement the dance requires. James has never let anything stopped him and after hearing about his past two years in recovery a few weeks ago it makes it just that much more impressive.

Another rising star on the competition is Calvin Johnson and his partner Lindsay Arnold. This dance was nothing crazy set wise or costumes but a nice clean Tango. You could tell that Calvin has been working on his posture and technique throughout the course of this journey and it really showed during this performance. Although he is not leading the competition if he continues to progress he will be a threat in this competition.


We did have to say good bye to another competitor this past Monday. Unfortunately Amber Rose & Maksim Chmerkovskiy will no longer be competing in the competition however over the course of the past few weeks I do believe she had learned a lot and had come a far ways.


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