Era’s Night on DWTS

Tonights episode was one of the best ones yet. Although the judges were extremely tough not giving out any tens except for the group dances I thought a lot of the stars had some of their best dances.

Starting the evening Laurie Hernandez came out with a bang! This dance was amazing. Even though she only got 8s and 9s for her performance I thought that Laurie completely capture the overall concept of the 60s! She also got to have the perfect first prom for sure. I love seeing how much Laurie grows each week and how she takes each individual style and tackles it like its completely something knew.

For the second time recently Calvin Johnson and his partner Lindsay Arnold are making there way up the score board. Originally Calvin was not catching on to every dance step however he has grown so much over the past two weeks that it showed tonight! His dance was entertaining and demonstrated how far he has come in the competition.

For the fourth week in a row  James Hinchcliffe is making his way in to America’s heart. He is still one of the best if not the best guy star I have ever seen on the show. Not to mentioned how he truly lights up on the stage. He goes on the dance floor and completely commits to the character. At this point in the competition he is already dancing with other guy pros during his performances and blending in as a pro. If I did not know any better I would have thought that he was a dancer prior to the show.

Overall that is completely what DWTS is about. Taking individuals and making them dancers. It is the best thing to see how far each star comes during their journey both ability wise as well as mentally. A lot of the times stars have major break throughs on the show which makes it that much more exciting to watch. Another DWTS tradition is group dances. Although both were good team PAST was my favorite!

Although both PAST and FUTURE had their highlights the first group came out tight clean and ready to go. You could tell that this group was able to practice prior than the day before all together. They looked extremely clean and the piece told a story. No one stood out in a good or bad way. Overall it was one of the best group dances I had ever seen on the show.

With that thought the FUTURE group still did wonderful! Although they did not have as high of a score it is still always a must watch!

Lastly we are sad to say goodbye to Artem Chigvintsev and Maureen Mccormick. They had progressed wonderfully this season and it is always sad to see another team go.


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