Creative movement observation

This past week over break I watched one of the younger ballet classes at my home studio to get some ideas for my class that I teach and for my creative movement lesson plan for my Pedagogy class. Here were some of my thoughts!

Warm up

  • Started with Plié in a circle – Tip Toe around yourself
  • Tondues – basic 4 to the front then side
  • Dégagé- did piques and at the end did Passé
  • Hokey pokey
  • Port de bra exercise – Blue bird flies
  • Froggie bounces- and big jump up – then jump out to second and then back to first (echappés)
  • At the barre do rond de jambs



  • Butterfly stretch
  • Popcorn – pike stretch
  • Legs out crawl down one leg


Across the floor

  • Tip Toe walks- hold the ice cream bowl
  • Gallops hips to the mirror – cookies on your hands
  • Hop two feet then one foot
  • Skips
  • Run leap over the puddle
  • Chase sauté arabesque


Fun songs

  • Magical Monkey etc.


In addition to the above discuss how the instructor presented and worked with the following aspects of the class.


Was there a theme for the class?

Basic ballet technique as well as port de bra and Musicality were the main focus throughout class. Since this is one of the youngest ballet classes at this studio she tried to use arms individually throughout class to make the students use to the arm movements.

How does this class differ from your previous observations?

Teaching little one’s verses teaching older is very different. They get very distracted and like to talk often. You must have ideas for if they do not want to do class as well.

What makes this instructor successful or not at controlling and directing this class?

Overall all of the girls have had Ms. Leslie as a teacher prior to this year making her familiar to the students. She gets on their level when talking to them and make sure to praise them after going across the floor.

Is there a clear sense of technique being taught?  If not, look beyond the technique to what the instructor is teaching the students.  What is the purpose of this class?

Yes, technique is being taught throughout the class. Basic ballet steps are correctly being stated and shown to help the students visualize and copy throughout class.

How do the students respond to the instructor?

Overall the students do really like Ms. Leslie. At some points the kids looked bored and would hang on her which I know is a difficult thing to stop at points but still needs to be done.


What other observations did you glean from this instructor, students, class as a whole?

The class ran smoothly and multiple of the songs I use while I teach my students at EDT on Saturdays.


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