Halloween Episode of DWTS

Last week episode was epic! Only every few years is DWTS physically on Halloween which means the cast and crew get even more excited for the episode. With just a few weeks left our stars are really working on their technique to prove to the judges and their loyal fans that they deserve the Mirror Ball!

Back up on the leader board, Laurie Hernandez is back with a PERFECT SCORE last week! She decided to take off her tour last week to really focus on her Dance with Val and that was a smart decision! Sometime you can not do it all and being a dancer myself I know how much time and energy it takes learning new choreography. So focusing on it this week to hopefully get in the semi finals was most definitely a good idea!


Beside Laurie, my other favorite in the competition is James Hinchcliffe. Although he suffered a lot this week since Sharna was unexpectedly injured he still managed to have a PERFECT SCORE with Jenna Johnson who was previously paired with Jake T. Austin during the first few weeks of the competition.  Here what Sharna had to say about her injury. A

As we said though this did not stop James in the competition! Although I came in to this season being a huge Laurie fan James has stollen my votes as well. Hopefully America can choose because I cant! Watch their dance now.

Well we can not forget the last group that also received a PERFECT SCORE! Congrats to Calvin Johnson and Pro Lindsay Arnold. Although there dance was not my all time favorite, technique and performance wise it completely deserved all 10s.


Besides our main dances this week we also had the Dance off between each couple. Since their was a three way tie in the winners of the competition the judges took overall combine score of the three meaning that James did not have to compete. The first group was Laurie and Val against Calvin and Lindsay. All three judges picked Laurie and Val as the Dance Off winners, as did 63% of America. I was apart of that 63% for sure!

The other two groups were Jana vs. Terra Dance Off (Salsa) and Marilu vs. Ryan Dance Off (Cha Cha). Carrie Ann chose Terra & Sasha as the winner of the Dance Off, while Julianne and Bruno chose Jana & Gleb, as did 54% of America.

Carrie Ann and Julianne voted for Ryan & Cheryl as the winner of the Dance Off while Bruno went with Marilu & Derek. America gave the points to Ryan & Cheryl having 58% of the vote. Sadly this was not enough because Ryan and Cheryl was eliminated from the competition last Monday. Although we will miss them we are all excited to see how the next few weeks go in the competition. Another one leaves and the rest get one step closer to winning the mirror ball.


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