Showstopper Night on DWTS

This weeks episode was Broadway night! Every dancer no matter if you are focused on ballet or jazz loves Broadway music. Not to mentioned the guess judge this week was Idina Menzel who was a perfect addition to this week. As usual Laurie is one of the top competitors receiving a PERFECT SCORE once again but to my surprise this week was Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko routine which also received a PERFECT SCORE.

Laurie Hernandez and her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy did a dance Cell Block Tango this past week which was possible my favorite dance that this duo has performed. First off this was one of my favorite Broadway shows when I was younger and this piece/song was one of the best. At first I was interested to see how Laurie was going to portray this dance since she is younger and does not like to show off her sexy side however I felt that she did a wonderful job as well as the fact that Val did great choreography. Sometimes choreographing for a younger dancer can make it difficult to do age appropriate movement as well as execute the essences of the piece. I was also impressed with costuming for Laurie that they gave her a sexy but conservative dress that played the part with out showing to much skin. Watch now!


As stated Laurie was not the only one to receive a perfect score tonight! Although Jana had a difficult week dealing with Gleb being in and out due to an injury. However this did not stop her from dancing beautifully. This waltz was extremely inspiring and should prove to everyone that no matter what they can learn to dance.


Besides the duos we also had team dances. Each of the teams did amazing but my all time favorite was the two girls who won perfect scores on their pieces tonight. This contemporary routine is possible one of the hardest dances to put together since it is more about emotion than technique but also one of the best dances to watch.

The other two duos also did extremely well. I want to point out the two men who had their group dance together which was equally amazing. Although they did not receive perfect scores this was one of the best group dances I have scene.

Lastly our couple that left us tonight was Marilu Henner and Derek Hough. Derek I am sure is disappointed not being in the semi and the finals however Marilu should be extremely proud with how far she came. If she did not have Derek as a pro I do not believe she would have made it this far. Super excited for next week on the Semi-Finals!


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