An American in Paris

Yesterday I was able to go to Buffalo NY to see An American in Paris.IMG_2995.JPG This Broadway show was the most awarded winning musical of 2015-2016! Just a few weeks ago this Broadway show started to tour across the US. The Broadway Musical is inspired by the 1951 film of An American in Paris.

The Musical starts with an American Soldier, Jerry Mulligan deciding to stay in Paris after World War II to pursue his passion of painting. After meeting
Adam Hochberg,  a fellow veteran who is a composer in the musical as well as Henri Baurel the son of a wealthy French family. Henri battles his inner desire to move to America to pursue his passion for dance and singing. During the beginning of the show Jerry spies a mysterious lady. He is then reconnected with her and learns that she is a stunning French Ballerina named Lisa Dassin. He starts to fall in love with her prior to knowing that she is the same girl that his friend Adam is falling for as well as the fiancé to Henri.

Jerry then meets an American philanthropist, Milo Davenport, who is stroked by his talent and good looks. After taking a job from her Milo ends up falling for Jerry, although he still is only thinking of Lise. IMG_2997.JPG

Lise struggles with the decision of either going through with her engagement to Herni, or going with her true love of Jerry. Each man fights for Lise as hard as they can to show her their love for her. In the end each man has to realize that if they love her then they want Lise to have love to. During this realization it is revealed that Lise is beholden to Henri because he and his family saved her life during the war.  Henri ends up decides to let Lise go to love how he loves her.

When opening night for the ballet comes it allows Lise to realize that love over rules all and she is meant to be with Jerry. They announce their love and go through Paris in the night.

IMG_2994.JPGOverall this Broadway musical is different from most I have seen. I do agree it was beautifully done and produced but not my all time favorite. I do feel that the Ensemble dancers danced more then I expected and multiple group dances are not always my favorite. As a Broadway show though I would absolutely love to perform in this show for the same reason that the Ensemble does dance often. It is a show that is my dance style but not one that I would want to see often. However the producers did a great job at the show and the scenery that was very engaging. Although it was not my favorite I am still glad I went.





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