Last night our Pro and Stars performed two dances including a typical duet dance with their partner but they also performed a trio with another pro. I think this is personally one of the hardest nights since the stars have to learn two long routines and have to be highlighted in the trio. Not to mention how much pressure this week is knowing that these are the dances views will vote on for the first night of the finally to ensure you make it to the last night of competition.

At the beginning of the episode Terra Jole and Sasha Farber performed the Rumba. Although this couple was not my favorite I though this was for sure one of their best dances. The judges also agreed and Terra received a perfect score for this routine! First off the song choice was perfect for Terra and Sasha choreography was perfect to show off her strengths. One of Terra strengths is definitely performing and giving a scenario that really represented her life was a great decision on Sasha’s part.


Our other perfect score duet tonight was the one and only Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy who performed the Foxtrot. First off I want to commend Laurie for being the youngest Dancing with the Starts star on the show. The schedule is not easy to adapt to but probably nothing like her training was for the past 16 years either. I also want to talk about the maturity Laurie has. This week was incredibly tough for her since her grandmother passed away who she was extremely close too. Not to mention that this happened almost suddenly that DWTS had already filmed her for the video promo prior to performing her dance. Listening to her grandmothers words tore my heart and I’m sure tore hers as well. However Laurie took that emotion and put it right in the floor with her amazing routine tonight. She is most definitely the one to beat in this competition!


Lastly all four of the trios received perfect scores. However, my favorite trio this week would definitely be James & Sharna & Jenna who performed a Jive. James is still possible my pick to win this competition or at least the one to go up against Laurie for the mirror ball and with this dance he continues to prove that to be true. As Carrie Ann would say that James is the reason that DWTS is a hit! To take completely untrained stars and teach them professional ballroom dances each week. To train for hours a day to learn a new dance or step. James is for sure one of the best male competitors we have scene on this competition. The fact that James got to bring together race car driving and dance in this performance proves how amazing Sharna is at choreographing.


Sadly another week goes by and another couple has to go. This week we had to say goodbye to  Terra Jole and Sasha Farber. They did absolutely amazing during this completion and Terra should be extremely proud at how far she had come and what she has accomplished the past few weeks.


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