Choreography II Showing

Tonight I performed in a piece for the Choreography II showing “Shift Happens.” This show is produced by the Choreography II class at Mercyhurst University. The show is completely student choreography who are mainly junior year students pursuing a BFA degree. Each student creates a 5 to 8 minute piece and teaches it in roughly a month. Last year I was participating in the class and one of the students that learned my piece asked me to perform in there piece this year.

This piece that I performed in was possible one of my favorite pieces that I have performed here at Mercyhurst University. It was completely Musical Theater style and embraced the roaring twenties Jazz vibe. The piece was called “After Curfew” and started with two gentlemen out on the town after dark. Soon two girls walk in and grab there attention. After one of the girls realizes that they are watching she gets excited and starts to flirt with one of the gentlemen. The couples go back and forth throughout the first movement of the piece until the other girl gives in talking to the boys.

After the first movement one of the girls has a great idea and takes her friend to change back stage in to flapper dresses. While the boys wonder where they went the girls then come back on and grab the guys to start the second movement.

The second movement is completely upbeat jazz that is non stop moving and partnering. The couples then have a dance off and compete against each other throughout the piece. At the end the girls go to leave but then run back on stage and grab the boys to join them for the rest of the night.

Overall this piece was perfectly choreographed. The music, costume and choreography was perfectly connected and represented this time period extremely well. I would love to perform this dance as many chances as I can get.

Besides the piece I was in there was twelve other choreographers in the show. I was only able to watch the first few pieces but overall I felt that all of my fellow classmates did a great job. Most of the other pieces were ballet or contemporary/modern base. The piece that I participated was the only Musical Theater piece which I feel also helped seperate it from the other pieces.

Hope you Enjoy!

Choreography by Kathyrn Galimi

Act 1 Overature of Bounce by Stephen Sondheim
Sing Sang Sung by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band

Elizabeth Fischer, Roman Hall, Katarina Flores and Hunter Hoffman


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