DWTS- Freestyle

As we head in to the last week of DWTS the last four competitors are racing to win Americas hearts to compete in one last day of competition. At this point in the game though, you have made it to the Finals! Tonights dances are completely Freestyle and are created to show how much the stars have grown throughout the competition. At this point in the game some competitors break out some of there moves that we have not scene before.

Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy Freestyle was absolutely perfect. It incorporated her free spirit and youthfulness while also showing off her lines and flexibility. This was the first piece that Val could add in some acrobatic skills to the routine without deducting points. I thought that the theme overall was enjoyable and fun and for Laurie I’m sure this was one of her favorite dances. Not to mention the Judges also ate it up! As Carrie Ann is crying of happy tears, Len absolutely loved the whole dance. Of course Julianne agreed.



Next my favorite duo of the night, James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess competed in there Freestyle. I absolutely loved how James started the piece alone and then Sharna stepped in. Not to mention the choreography choice and lighting choice really made the beginning a different experience as the rest of the dance. I also really liked how classical they made this dance. A lot of the times pros choreograph a piece that is not very ballroom since there are no rules to the week however they have all been learning ballroom dance so making the piece more contemporary with still ballroom partnering was a great choice. I was really impressed how well he captured the stage as well. The whole piece I was watching James and not Sharna or any of the other back up dancers. It was by far my favorite performance of the night.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay Arnold were next on tonight. Calvin really stepped it up in this performance. He is most definitely has proved that he is a contender to win the mirror ball for sure. Even though he had a slower start he showed that he is definitely broadway potential as Bruno said. He kept up with all of the Pros in this piece while maintaining the focus the whole time. Not ones was he late or early. This was the perfect freestyle for Calvin and really let him shine through. Apparently the judges all agree as well and he received a perfect score!


Lastly Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Freestyle. Unfortunately there piece was not up to the caliber to everyone else in the competition. They still performed wonderfully but even she was not pleased with her full performance. Throughout the season we have seen Jana’s sexy side come out multiple times. I know this is her forte and Gleb is very good at choreographing this style however, it would have been really nice to see something new from her. I understand the overall concept to the piece but being a freestyle dance I expected to see a different side. Because some of the transitions were not semeingless and a small stumble Julianne state was why they only received 9s overall. However, Jana should still be thrilled with this amazing performance.

Sadly one more must go. Tonight we had to say goodbye to Jana and Gleb. They did absolutely amazing in this competition and this experience meant the world to Jana from my perspective. Who do you think will win the mirror ball tonight!


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