Lake Erie Ballet

Although I have a performance this weekend does not mean it stops there! In just a few more weeks I will be performing in another Nutcracker affiliated with one of the local studios and small companies in the area. I will be performing three parts their including Clara’s mom, Snow corp and flower corp.

For the second act the performance is almost identical to what it is in our show this coming weekend. Mercyhurst is pretty much responsible for the entire second act of the show.

First act however was a separate audition. If you are not familiar with the story of the nutcracker here is a brief rendition.

The story starts out with a party at Clara’s house the night of christmas eve. Clara and fritz and the parents get the house together to welcome all of the family and friends for an enjoyable evening. Soon an unexpected guess arrives until they realize that it is Drosselmeyer, Clara’s uncle. After a warm welcome Drosselmeyer gives Clara and Fritz a present by presenting his large dolls that he made in his work shop. With a little magic the dolls come to live and dance for all the boys and girls at the party. Soon Drosselmeyer then gives Clara the famous Nutcracker. After she dances around and Fritz receives his present of a stuff mouse, Fritz breaks the Nutcracker. Being devastated Clara begs Drosselmeyer to fix the nutcracker which he does and the party continues.

After all the guess leave clara and fritz go to bed to dream. Clara is then found in the living room looking for her precious nutcracker and falls asleep in the great hall. Drosselmeyer returns to the stage and sprinkles magic on clara and the Nutcracker.  She is then woken by mice running around the stage. Her nutcracker grows and comes to life to protect Clara from the mice. After killing the rat queen Clara falls in love with the Nutcracker who than is turned in to her prince. They both travel through the winter night where they meet the snow queen. After the snow scene there is a brief intermission. Clara has now traveled to the land of the sweets where she is greeted by each of the countries, Spanish, Arabian, Chinese and many others. After the Waltz of the Flowers the Sugar plum dances to welcome Clara to their land. The pas de deux dances and everyone is thrilled to have clara.

Clara then wakes up at the end of the show with the crown on her head and realizes that it was a dream or was it?

I am super excited to be apart of Nutcracker once again and looking forward to the shows in just a few weeks!


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