In honor of my last Raw Edges audition at Mercyhurst this coming Tuesday I thought I post post about my piece last year. Raw Edges is a student choreographed production that is produced by the Juniors and Seniors of the department who are participating in Choreography 3 or 4. Most Seniors who are choreographing are choreographing for their capstone of the department which is a year long endeavor.

Last year I had the opportunity to choreograph for Raw Edges and although I decide not to this year does not mean I did not love the experience. Having something that is your personal idea on stage in this big of a production is priceless.

My piece last year was about 911. My program notes were the following:

“Never Forget, by Elizabeth Fischer is a tribute to 911. “A time to remember those who died, those who served, and those who carry on.” –unknown. After 15 years, this day is still vivid in people’s mind. Life stood still this day, however as the years go on less remember and this day is just another day in the history books. As one of the students at this school, our generation is the last generation who will have any memory of this day. We were only children however we lost something that day as well.”

My piece started with a video of different news stations showing the attacks. After one of my dancers ran of of stage the lights were dim but came on slowly and you see two dancers falling on to the stage, re an acting the fall of the tower. At this point all of the dancers on stage are representing the victims of the attack. The entire first movement shows the battle that each surviver or victim had during and even after the attack. I also used foreshadowing movement to represent the firefighters and policemen who gave up their lives to save another. The movement ends with each dancer laying on the floor in a clump.

The next movement is the original dancer who ran across the stage. He comes on looking for someone. At this point in the dance this is more of a dream like state where he is looking for his wife to say goodbye. Throughout this movement he finds each of the other dancers and finally at the end finds her.

The last movement is the couple saying goodbye. Half way through this moment the girl leaves the stage and he dances alone in the effort to move on. The piece ends with all of the dancers in the back and the lights dim creating a silhouette look of all of the people.

Hope you enjoy it!


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