Tis the Season – Featuring The Nutcracker Suite

Yesterday and today I have the opportunity to perform in four performances of the Mercyhurst Dance Departments holiday production. I have not been in a Nutcracker since high school and as much as the songs are haunting it is an amazing feeling performing Nutcracker once again.

In the production I had two parts, I was a tap dancer in Fa La La Lane and was a corp flower in Waltz of the Flowers for Nutcracker. This was my first role on pointe since I have been at Mercyhurst University and I honestly could not be any happier on how it went. I was double casted for Flowers but the two performances I had were both amazing. I am not the ballerina in the department and given this opportunity was something I will never take for granted.

In Fa La La Lane as I mentioned I was a Tapper. However this piece was not just that one dance but a twenty minutes small production. It starts with the Jingle Jolly players singing outside of the curtain. The curtain rises and you see a village scene and people the rest of the Jingle Jolly players setting up for the performance. Soon after everyone is sitting a trio of girls perform Jazz and Acrobatics. A little girl and her mother are apart of the scene and after they exit the audience realizes that the young girl left her teddy bear at the show.  After this then the tappers perform, and both Village people and the Jingle Jolly players are apart of this. The piece continues with some holiday magic when twelve different Santa’s come on stage dancing. After I return on stage to dance to Frosty the Snowmen. During all of this the young girl and her mother continue to make entrances on and off stage in hopes to find the bear. At the end of the piece a homeless women who was given the bear finds the little girl and returns it. The child is delighted and asks her mother if she can give the women a hug. This entire piece completely reminds me of what the true meaning of christmas is. It is not about the presents but the gift of giving and being with family.

On that note I want to wish everyone happy holidays. What are you doing for the Holidays?



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