Raw Edges

Today was audition day! No matter what audition you are attending if it is school base or for a professional company/show it is always important to take it seriously and take each opportunity that you have.

In todays audition we learned three combinations. A pointe combination and two contemporary/modern combinations. The pointe combination was based off of one of the student choreography pieces that is liturgical dance style. Because it was an audition piece though other choreographers requested and influenced the combination. Meaning that it was a mix style combination having the liturgical influence while also having petit allegro and pirouettes throughout the piece. This movement was very fast and technical. Overall for a pointe combination I really enjoyed the piece and look forward to seeing it in raw edges.

Next we performed a modern combination. I was in this student choreographers piece last year so I knew prior to her teaching this combo that she teaches very quickly. Because of that it let me really focus on her movement and counts right away. With this extra insight I felt that I really grasp the movement quickly. Although I do not feel that I performed it as best as I could have when we went in small groups due to lack of space I still feel that I did it well.

Lastly we learned a contemporary piece that was not typically my usual style. However I really enjoyed the movement quality to this combination. Although we had to improve at the end of the combination I did not let that throw me off. I do not typically love to improve especially with that short of notice but I know as a dancer I can do it.

At the end of the audition we were asked if we wanted to the combination again. If you are asked if you want to do something again you always say yes at an audition. You always want to show that you will go above and beyond in an audition. Also since I did enjoy the combination performing it again was exciting.

So now it is the waiting game. Casting will be up in just a few days!


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